Fall Fest

CCW Fall Fest
Coming on Saturday, September 25th!
St. Mary’s Parking Lot: 8:00 am-3:00 pm

🍁The Fall Fest will feature the sale of mums, pumpkins and corn stalks. Great items for your personal Fall preparations!

We are asking for donations of homemade jellies , veggies and bake sale items. Your homemade recipes are delicious and popular!

There will be popcorn balls, and rice krispie treats. Yummy fall treats, right?

🍂YARD SALE—We are also looking for donations of saleable, clean items except please no clothing, no large items and no textbooks.

🍁Luncheon items will be hot dogs, sauerkraut, beef barbeque, and hot and cold cider. Yum!

🍁Interested in helping with any of the above? Call Pat Anderson at 717-272-8596. Donations and helping hands needed!

“May the Lord your God bless you in all the work of your hands.”

Keeping the Sabbath: Attending Mass

As previously announced, the bishops are reinstating the obligation to attend Mass in person on Sundays and holy days beginning on Sunday, Aug. 15, 2021. However, by longstanding Church law, this obligation does not apply to those who are:
• Sick
• Have a serious health risk
• In a household with those at risk
• Primary caregivers to those at risk
• Have serious anxiety or concerns about being in a large-group setting due to COVID-19
• Unable to attend Mass in person
As an act of charity, anyone who believes they might have COVID-19 or one of its variants or have been exposed should stay home.

RCIA: Entering the Catholic Church

What is RCIA?
The RCIA, which stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is a process through which men and women enter the Catholic Church. It includes several stages marked by study, prayer and rites at Mass.


The time has come to reinstitute the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults- R.C.I.A. This process prepares interested persons in becoming Catholics. Any unbaptized person is. welcome as are Christians of other denominations who seek full communion with the Catholic Church. We also accept those who were baptized Catholic but never received any further education in the faith. The process begins in September and continues until May.
If you are aware of any person who might be interested in becoming a Catholic then ASK THEM. When candidates are asked why they did not come into the Church sooner, the response is often, “No one ever asked me.” So do some evangelization and ask a friend, a non-Catholic spouse to “Come and See”. No decision need be made now. Come & learn.
Direct all names and addresses to Deacon Wentzel or call the office and give the information. We will contact the person with an invitation. Thank you.
Deacon Richard Wentzel

Lectors, Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Since all of the Covid protocols have been removed, our parish will begin to rebuild various ministries. We are in need of alter servers for Sunday masses. If you are in the fourth grade or older, please volunteer to become an altar server. It is a great honor to serve at the Altar of Almighty God. Call the parish to register your name or drop a note in the collection basket.

We are in need of lectors for the Masses.  You must be a weekly practicing Catholic. If married,  it must be a valid marriage in the church. You should have a good speaking voice. Training will be provided. If you are interested, please call the office or see Deacon Wentzel or drop a note in the collection basket.

Finally we need Extraordinary Ministers  of Holy Communion. You must be a practicing Catholic who has a great love for the Holy Eucharist.  If married,  it must be a valid marriage in the church . Training will be provided. If you wish to be considered, please call the office to speak with Deacon Wentzel. 717-272-5674 extension 3102.
Thank you for your consideration of these important ministries of our parish.

In honor of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Deacon Richard Wentzel


Please note: you may also use this online form to sign up.

Volunteer Sign up Sheet


St. Mary’s Charlie and Susie Middleton Golf Tournament

St. Mary’s—Charlie and Susie Middleton Golf Tournament
September 10 at Fairview Golf Course beginning at 8:00 am.



   Golf    Click here to view the registration form.  Print it off, fill it in and mail it to Michael Groff

Consider being a sponsor for the tournament. There are different  sponsorships available.


              Silver Sponsor—$50.00

              Gold Sponsor—$100.00

               Major Sponsors    $500.00, $750.00, $1,000.00

What a fun way to earn much needed funds for our parish. Thank you so much!

Checks should be made payable to St. Mary’s Golf Tournament and mailed to

Mike Groff

542 Greble Road

Lebanon, PA 17046.

If you need more information Mike can be reached at 717-383-7814.


Looking for Altar Servers!

Altar Servers

          Youth (grades 4-12) are eligible to participate in this ministry at Sunday Masses.  Altar servers assist the priest and deacon during Mass by fetching, carrying, holding books, and ringing bells.   Altar servers also carry and hold candles  and the processional cross.  We also have adult altar servers who assist at holy day Masses and at funeral Masses. Call  717-272-5674 today  or submit your name here: 

Volunteer Sign up Sheet



Consider Serving as an Usher

An important message from Rege Simon, lead usher at St. Mary’s.

With the Pandemic health restrictions beginning to ease at St. Mary’s, it is evident that the time is now upon us to rebuild the Usher Teams for the weekend masses. We have been Blessed with teams that perform the usher duties weekly for the past several years.
They are as follows :
• Saturday 5:30 PM Vigil Mass : Don Stoudt, Jim Martel and Jeff Arnold

• Sunday 7:30 AM Mass : Bob Mettley, Bill Kreiser and Mike Gilmartin

• Sunday 10:30 AM Mass : Drew Tobias, Bill Horney and Teresa Martin

These dedicated parishioners, along with other occasional helpers, have been the “backbone” who performed the usher duties so admirably. However, it is now time to enhance the teams to a capacity that is fully needed at each one of these weekend masses. We need an additional two ( 2 ) volunteers per mass to meet this goal. I am requesting your assistance in fulfilling these Teams.

The time is now to help your parish in this Corporal Work of Mercy. So, if you are at least 18 years of age and have the desire and ability to lead, please contact Rege Simon at 223-666-0982 or at chancesdad@comcast.net.

Father Bob and I, as well as St. Mary’s parish, thanks you !

✔️You can also express your interest by using this form ⬇️ !

Usher Sign up