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Mass Intention Policy

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  • Thank you to all our parishioners who request masses for their loved ones. Due to an increase in the number of requests however, we were scheduling masses almost 3/4 of a year ahead. To allow a greater distribution of personal intentions for the amount of masses at St Marys and Our Lady of Fatima mission, the following policy will be observed for the present time.
  • 1. Mass intentions can be requested at the parish office and will be recorded on the calendar in the parish mass book. Dates can be requested up to six months from the current date. Those already scheduled into 2020 will still be honored.
  • 2. One individual requester is limited to the request of three specific mass dates per calendar year.
  • 3. Only the name of the intention is listed in the bulletin. The requester’s name is not listed.
  • 4. If multiple requester‘s request mass intentions for one individual, at least three will be said at St Mary’s or Fatima Mission, but unless there is a shortage of intentions in the Mass Book , additional intentions may be forwarded to another priest.
  • 5. A requester can ask for unlimited mass intentions for different loved ones, but they will be scheduled in the Mass Book and randomly offered by a priest within one year.
  • 6. A requester must specify whether the intention is for a living or deceased person.
  • 7. The assume donation for Mass is $10 in our region.