Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church and our Lady of Fatima Mission have the following closure policy.

✔️Cancellations  of events will always be posted in the following two places:

Our website:   (Once you open the website look at the menu for cancellation page)

 Our Facebook page:

Weekends:  If weekend mass is  canceled closure will be posted in the above two locations. In the case of religious education,  cancellation will be posted separately and teachers will be notified by email or phone. Other events sponsored by various ministries or individuals will be canceled on a case by case basis. Event sponsors should contact Debbie Granger, Website and Facebook Administrator at 717-507-4201 or send a message via Facebook or the website to have your notification posted. Do not assume your message was received until you get a response.

Weekdays: Changes or cancellations in  office hours, Holy Mass and/ or other activities will be posted.  If the office is closed, there will be no Wednesday adoration.

✔️❄️In coming to St. Mary’s or the Fatima Mission in wintry weather and when precipitation is still coming down, please remember that sidewalks and parking lots may not be cleared or may be only partially cleared thereby posing an increased danger for slips and falls. The elderly and those with mobility issues should exercise prudence as they consider the risks of attending mass is wintry weather. The obligation to attend mass is not in force when conditions become unsafe.