✔️✔️Please Read! A message from Fr. Bob to all who attend the 9:45 am Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Chapel:
Given the forecast for freezing rain tomorrow morning, Sunday Mass at the Fatima Chapel may be canceled if the roads are bad. However, I will probably not make that determination until Sunday morning at which time a notice will be posted on Facebook, the website and the parish app. With that in mind, I encourage all parishioners who normally attend Mass at the Fatima Chapel to attend the 5:30 pm Saturday Evening Mass at St. Mary’s or another Catholic Church closest to you. Both Sunday Masses at St. Mary’s will be celebrated as normal at 7:30 am and 10:30 am.

To all parishioners, when winter weather visits us over a weekend, be sure to check Facebook, the website or the parish app for possible cancelations at the Fatima Chapel. Also, exercise prudence when determining if you are able to safely make it to Mass. Please pass this information on to your family members and friends who are not connected to our Facebook page, website or app.

Advent Blessings,
Fr. Bob