Easter Pie Sale

New Information regarding pie sale. Bob Mettley is waiting to hear from Sycamore  to be sure they will fill the order, however  you can still  order. Bob will hold  all…

Offertory Procession:

If the Mass you are attending is being requested by you or a family member, and you wish to participate in the Offertory Procession, please see the ushers before Mass.

Candle for Your Intentions

THE SANCTUARY CANDLE If you are interested in having the sanctuary candle burn before the Blessed Sacrament for a week for your intentions: 1) ABVM main church, 2) ABVM daily Mass…

Flowers for Loved Ones

FLOWER MEMORIALS If you would like to have the flowers on the altar in honor/memory of a loved one, please contact the parish office at 717-272-5674 to find out which…

Noon meals

HELP NEEDED St. Mary’s Church participates in the Lebanon County Christian Ministries (LCCM) Free Lunch Program. Once a month parishioners from St. Mary’s go to LCCM and prepare and serve…

Message for Extraordinary Ministers

All the mandates for the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for St Mary’s parish and Fatima Chapel must be renewed by year’s end.  Our Bishop has extended the time period…










                                                   The Week at a Glance in Chapel 

Tuesday through FRIDAY   8:00 AM Mass

  • TUESDAY            7:15 AM Confession        

                                           7: 30 AM  Rosary             

                                           2:55 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet

  • WEDNESDAY     7:30 AM Rosary

                                            8:30 AM Exposition    

                                            2:15 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet ; Benediction

                                            3:15 PM Fatima Rosary Group

  • THURSDAY         7:30 AM  Rosary 

                                           2:15 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet

  • FRIDAY                7:30 AM Rosary
  • SATURDAY         4:00  PM Penance 


Note: Please notify the parish office 717-272-5674 when any family member or parishioner is in the hospital, a rehab center, a nursing home or is homebound and would welcome a parish visitor. Current laws preclude health care institutions from divulging any patient information. Please advise the office staff whether confession, communion, or anointing of the sick is requested.