The Golf Tournament is September 11. The Covid 19 virus is figuring into the preparations and decisions. One thing is certain. It will be different than previous Golf Tournaments. The team of people who work to make this golf tournament a success are
discussing the situation. Please feel free to contact Mike Groff at 717-383-7814. If we decide YES to the tournament, we are going to need sponsors and players. Call Mike today!



In Memory of Charlie Middleton 1937- 2019
Charlie and Susie Middleton started the St. Mary’s golf tournament in 2007 and continued to run in every year until his passing in April 2019. This event has been a major fundraiser for our parish. Everyone involved (from golfers to volunteers) have a great time participating in this event. This year, Charlie’s legacy lives on thanks to his wife Susie and the leadership of Mike and Gina Groff. Thank you Charlie! And may you Rest In Peace.


Special thanks to Mike and Gina Groff!