Livestream of Mass

I.  Mass During this Pandemic

        The  obligation to attend Mass due to the pandemic has been lifted by our Bishop. You are  still encouraged to attend Mass in whatever way you can during this time. Depending on what works for your schedule, you can watch a live streaming  video of Mass as it happens or watch a recording.
✔️Please be aware that you can attend mass in person at St. Mary’s and Fatima Mission.  We have implemented safety protocol as per the guidance by the diocese and CDC. After mass, our wonderful volunteers sanitize the pews for the next service!

II.  Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary Live-streamed  Mass.

  The 10:30 AM Mass is now available to view on the St. Mary’s/ Fatima Facebook page for those unable to attend Mass in person.  This link will take you to recordings of the Mass from January 24 to the most recent .Recorded Masses

III.   Accessing the Videos. At this time you can only view this livestream by having a Facebook account. After you create an account,  the above link will take you to our page. If you “like” or ‘follow “ our page, you will be notified when Mass is live.  Link to find out how to create a Facebook Account.   If you need help to do this, please call Debbie Granger at 717-507-4201 and leave a message.

IV.   How to Best Celebrate Mass at Home. Wondering how you can make watching Catholic Mass online feel special? Whether it’s a holiday or a normal weekday Mass, here are ways to prepare for a live stream or recorded online service. Start putting together a routine that works for you!

  • Create your space. You can dress up your outfit if you want, but step and dress up your surroundings, too. Gather a candle, flowers, your Bible, a cross or religious art to make your environment feel ready for worship.
  • Remove distractions. It’s not just kids that find their eyes and minds wandering. Be sure to turn off electronics and disable notifications on the device you’re using to watch Mass. Consider putting food and drink aside. Focus on the items in your space, like a candle, if you need to recenter yourself during Mass.
  • Carve out some quiet time. Prepare yourself by having a few minutes of silent prayer or reflection  before Mass begins. Our videos often contain instrumental spiritual music played by our music director to facilitate this time of silence.
  • Join in. People watching live-streams of Catholic Mass online can participate by joining in parts of the service such as the responsorial. This can help in immense ways! You might feel silly at first, but it will help keep you engaged with His word.