Children’s Liturgy is not being held at this time. Stay tuned for updates when it returns.

Welcome to the Children’s Liturgy of the Word!  Starting September 8th!
                 St. Mary’s Church holds the Children’s Liturgy of the Word during the 10:30 AM Mass on Sunday mornings. Each week, Mrs. Jessica Ritchey or Mrs. Debbie Granger facilitate this program . After the Collect of the Mass, prior to the first reading, the priest will call the children forward to be dismissed to process over to the Chapel which adjoins our main church.
Why have Children’s  Liturgy?
  •  To provide children with a focused environment
  •  To allow for active listeners and responders to God’s word
  •  To provide a liturgical experience for young children
  •  To provide the mass readings in  age-appropriate language
Who can come?
  • Children’s Liturgy is  recommended  for children from kindergarten to fourth grade.
  •  The criteria is simple. Can your child stay seated and listen to God’s Word for about 20 minutes?
  • No need to register your child. Just allow them to join the group at Holy Mass!
  •  We have never turned a child away,  however we do need  children to cooperate and allow the  leader  to conduct the program.
  • Parents are welcome to join us anytime!
What happens during Children’s Liturgy
  • The children sit in the pews in the chapel.
  •  We begin with an opening prayer, next the first reading, then the responsorial Psalm, and the second reading.
  •  The children are then asked to stand for the reading of the gospel.
  •  There is a time for discussion. Our goal is to guide the children to make connections between the gospel and their own daily lives .
  • After the closing prayer the leader escorts the children back to their parents in Church.
  •  Most weeks the children will be given a copy of the readings so they can share them at home  along with a related activity or coloring page.

What Children’s Liturgy is not:

  • it is not a babysitting service

  • it is not Sunday School

  • it involves no arts or crafts

  • it should not replace a parent’s role in conversing with their child about the Gospel but rather it provides  children with the incentive to continue the discussion at home!

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