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Letter from our Pastor

To provide for our future, we must act now to save the building. We have established a goal of $600,000 to be raised over a period of five years in order to undertake this project. It is certainly a large amount of money, but we are in this together as a parish family. With God’s  help, and yours, we can shore up a building that will not fall because “it has it  it’s foundation on the rock.”  Matthew 7:25.

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The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church has been the mother church of Lebanon County Catholics for over 200 years. Three churches have stood on this ground since 1810, welcoming thousands of worshipers, many of them our ancestors. In 1995, we purchased the bank building at 8th and Cumberland Streets in order to return the rectory to its original location adjacent to the church and to provide for a parish center.
         The initial renovations which allowed the priests to live and work next to the church did not include any upgrades to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting or plumbing systems.  Repair and replacement are long overdue. We must act now or risk the demise of the rectory and center.



Our needs:

  1. Replace the air-cooled chiller : $250,000. This provides chilled water to the air handler. It is 32 years old and is operating at less than half the capacity.
  2. Replace the main air handler:  $170,000. This connects to the  ventilation system which distributes warm and cool air throughout the building. It is 40years old and failing.
  3. Replace lighting: $185,000 . Existing lighting, including emergency lighting and exit signage, is a mixture of sources, some non-functional.
  4. Replace drainage pipes which lead to the sanitary sewer lines: $50,000. These pipes are over 60 years old and show substantial degradation.